The Role of Local Government in Supporting Development Projects in Atlanta, Georgia

The DCA Planning Office is devoted to providing local governments with the resources and tools they need to make informed decisions and implement them effectively. Georgia is home to the world's busiest airport and has been named the best state for business by Area Development magazine for eight consecutive years. The Office of Economic Development is committed to revitalizing the least attractive areas of the city. They also collaborate with landlords, developers, and builders to back redevelopment initiatives in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. The state of Georgia encourages local governments to take part in comprehensive planning by offering a special package of financial resources to those with plans approved by the DCA.

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has also supported economic development and redevelopment efforts through their Habitable Centers Initiative (LCI) program. This 20-year policy guide evaluates current conditions, projects future trends, develops strategies and objectives, and creates a work program to achieve these objectives. The Office of Economic Development is also a point of contact for citizens and business owners who are looking for information on redevelopment projects and long-term plans that may affect their properties. The Georgia Planning Act of 1989 requires all local governments in the state to develop and adopt a comprehensive long-term plan in order to maintain qualified local government (QLG) status.