Exploring the Most Expensive Development Projects in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is becoming renowned for its innovative renovation projects, from soundstages to residential, office and commercial spaces. Yardi Matrix covers all multifamily properties with more than 50 units in 133 markets across the United States, and Gwinnett County is getting in on the action with a huge entertainment and shopping district. Downtown Atlanta is also expecting a surge of development as the city recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The SoNo neighborhood has seen a wave of new investment interest in projects both large and small. The 1.8 million square foot project in South Downtown is an adaptive rehabilitation of more than 40 buildings, creating a plethora of new office, residential and commercial spaces for Atlantans to enjoy.

The neighborhood's compact street network makes it one of the most walkable areas in the city, with more than 1000 units in the pipeline and 835 beds for students. The 16-acre project in the Old Fourth Ward has also been a major success, boosting development and causing home values to skyrocket. The Atlanta Housing Authority is exploring public-private partnerships to offer mixed-use development on site. Atlanta is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after cities for development projects. From Gwinnett County's entertainment district to South Downtown's adaptive rehabilitation, these projects are transforming the city and providing Atlantans with new opportunities for work, play, and living.

The Atlanta Housing Authority's exploration of public-private partnerships is also paving the way for more mixed-use developments in the future.