The Positive Impact of Development Projects in Atlanta, Georgia on Job Creation

The state of Georgia has seen a remarkable surge in job creation due to development projects in the Atlanta area. According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GdeCD), the total number of jobs created from these projects dropped by 17% to 24,133 jobs. Despite this decrease, the total number of jobs created still represents a 48% increase compared to three-quarters of the previous fiscal year and a 6% increase compared to the overall total of the previous year. The growth in job creation was driven by three new Amazon logistics centers near Stone Mountain, Newnan and Augusta, an electric battery plant near Commerce, and hundreds of other projects inside and outside the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Moreover, some projects began and were approved during the coronavirus lockdown, including a new Zinus USA mattress manufacturing plant in McDonough. Georgia outperforms neighboring states in hiring companies for all regions of the state and not just for the Atlanta metropolitan area. This is due to GdeCD's efforts to attract new business investment, encourage the expansion of existing industry and small businesses, find new markets for Georgia products, attract tourists to Georgia and promote the state as an art destination and location for film, music and digital entertainment projects. In fiscal year 22, GdeCD commissioner Pat Wilson led economic development missions to major countries in terms of trade and investment, such as the United Kingdom, South Korea and Germany.

Through meetings with economic development drivers such as Hyundai Motor Group and SK On or by analyzing new development opportunities with the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia or the region of the city of Liverpool Freeport, Georgia has been able to strengthen and expand its global network. Through this program, Georgia has worked with owners, development authorities, or economic development offices to certify that more than 60 industrial sites are ready for accelerated industrial projects. Fulfilling Governor Kemp's promise to Georgians to strengthen economic opportunities in rural Georgia, nearly 78% of projects and investments were made outside the 10-county Atlanta metropolitan area, and more than half of the jobs created were outside the 10-county Atlanta metropolitan area. Companies that chose to expand in Georgia accounted for 74 percent of total projects, and the new locations created 33,846 jobs across the state.

Overall, development projects in Atlanta have had a positive effect on job creation in Georgia. The state has seen an increase in job creation due to these projects despite making no changes to its tax incentive offers. Governor Geoff Duncan and the Georgia General Assembly have also been instrumental in providing support and commitment to significant economic development.